Gain hands-on experience with animals and the environment

Farmability and Animal Care Program for people with a Disability


Sunshine Butterflies ‘Farmability’ is a 12-week educational farm animal and environmental program, which teaches members fun, practical, farm animal care as well as farm environment skills.

‘Farmability’ allows our members to gain hands-on experience with farm chores; environmental activities and animal care practices including taking care of our beloved pets, which improves the physical health and wellbeing of our members and is designed to increase confidence and social connections.

‘Farmability’ provides a very unique learning experience for people who would not otherwise have the opportunity or facilities to do so.

All activities and facilities are accessible and suitable for all abilities.

‘Farmability’ provides a practical hands-on learning approach in a supported environment with our knowledgeable team of staff, including our Farmyard Educators.

In this unique program, you will learn all about permaculture, produce, animals and plants.

This program is conducted in our many natural outdoor learning spaces at ‘Our Backyard, surrounded by nature and our many beautiful animals.

If you are interested in joining ‘Farmability’ send us an enquiry or give us a call on 07 5470 2830 for more information.

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