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Meet Andrew and his friends

Andrew is the resident Peacock at ‘Our Backyard’ and has been joined by Penny our Peahen.


Meet Andrew the Peacock and his Penhens!

Andrew the Peacock is the most colourful at ‘Our Backyard’.

Peacocks are best known for their amazing eye-spotted tail feathers or plumage.

The Peacocks and Peahens at ‘Our Backyard’ mostly walk around looking beautiful, they love to show off to our visitors with their gorgeous feathers.

Our Peacock Andrew loses all of his tail feathers every summer taking almost 10 months to grow his new ones.

Listen and look out for Andrew as makes a noise similar to a rattlesnake and displays his main large feathers together in a vibrating motion.

*Photos supplied by Jackie Hillegers - Pheatherine