Aqua Training

Experience the sense of weightlessness in the water

For people living with a disability


Being surrounded by water can help with sensory processing, physical exercise, improved socialization and communication skills and developing better self-regulation.

Water exercise for people with special needs helps strengthen muscles in the entire body, including the heart, improves coordination, a larger range of motion, improves balance and increases physical endurance.

Being submerged in our heated swimming pool at ‘Our Backyard’ makes the body feel lighter providing a sense of weightlessness.

This buoyancy can alleviate fears of injury increasing confidence to try new movements that might not be attempted on land.

Other physical benefits of aquatic therapy for special needs include reduced pain and stress for joints and muscles, a strengthened core, improved fine motor skills, enhanced breathing control and even increased oral motor skills.

Our skilled exercise therapists and swimming instructors can help you or your loved one build confidence in the water and gain all the benefits that Aqua Training provides.

To book an Aqua Training session, please call Sunshine Butterflies on 07 5470 2830